Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brazen Talent

For several years, I spent hours on end whirling the late nights and early mornings away on dance floors from one end of the continental United States to the other.

It was a wonderful time, allowing me to experience some amazing DJ sets, enjoy I-don't-know-how-many breathtakingly creative events and, best of all, join my life experiences with those of dozens of beautiful people whom I still consider friends and loved ones.

There was Jay, who returned as a U.S. Army sergeant from Kosovo and wanted to spend his nights listening to house music, admiring women and savoring every moment he could out of life. There was Barry, who was an insurance adjuster by day but a bubbling socialite under the glittering mirrorball and laser lights on weekend nights. There was Kris, the bartender at one of Atlanta's best Italian bistros and a lipstick lesbian who loved nothing more than dancing with handlebar-moustached leather daddies and muscle men.

And there was Teresa Brazen, who studied journalism as a bulldog at the University of Georgia but then found her true passion in art. One night, she explained to me how her twin passions for painting and collage intertwined with her passion to dance and enjoy music. Wonderful person, and such a gifted, talented woman.

Teresa's life has led her down many paths, from Caracas to Atlanta to New York and, now, to San Francisco's Bay Area. She's currently exhibiting with a group of other artists in Oakland, and has several new pieces in her collection.

Lots of my friends in Atlanta have purchased her art, which to me are powerful expressions of emotion and color. I enjoy her collage, but it looks as if she's moving into new areas these days. She also produced a video project, too, that you can watch on her MySpace page.

I miss Teresa, like so many others, but I'm excited for her, too.